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Mod Sélection

Réserve Champagne 750mL


ABV: 12% | Origin: Champagne France

Recognized as one of the finest Houses in Champagne, the story of Mod Sélection began in 1892. Since then, the legacy and learning of five generations of growers in an exclusive enclave of the Vallée de la Marne have helped us produce and refine our Champagne of today. It is thanks only to the strictest selection processes at harvest, the most delicate extraction of first-press cuvée, and the rigorous control of fermentations that we have been able to create this, the purest expression of balance and terroir in Champagne today.


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Tasting Notes

The purest expression of balanced ‘House Style.’ Layered with lively aromatics and vibrant white fruit. This distinguished Cuvée offers unparalleled freshness and invigorating minerality in an utterly versatile and superior-drinking wine. The elegance, balance and purity of this Champagne is a notable achievement.


55% Pinot Meunier

35% Chardonnay

10% Pinot Noir

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